About Coral Springs

coral-springsOfficially chartered in 1963, Coral Springs Florida is a vibrant and diverse hamlet located on the northwestern edge of Broward County. The town encompasses just under 24 square miles, every street of which Coral Springs movers like Superior Moving and Storage know quite well because residential real estate is a consistently hot market, keeping Coral Springs moving companies busy all year round.

Despite the name, there are actually no springs in Coral Springs. The origin of this name may be a mystery however, Coral Springs won out over other possible city names including Pompano Springs, Curran Village and Quartermore. This modern city is highly regarded for its strict landscaping and sign regulations, sustaining an aesthetically pleasing community. Trail blazers in upholding these stringent sign laws, Coral Springs hosted the first McDonald’s restaurant in the United States without their iconic golden arches on the sign. So, it’s easy to see why Coral Springs moving companies like Superior Moving and Storage are fast at work throughout the year as these laws contribute to Coral Springs real estate values being consistently higher than most in the county and the demand for residential real estate, ever booming.

A development boom forged ahead during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s with their low crime rate, overall quality of life and family-friendly orientation attracting a consistent flow of new residents.

The number one choice among Coral Springs moving companies, Superior Moving and Storage has a long-standing history with this fine city. Coral Springs was proudly ranked the 27th best city to live in the US by Money Magazine in 2006 and was also a three-time winner of the coveted America’s Promise “100 Best Cities for Young People” award! In addition to being named the 10th Safest City in the US by Morgan Quitno in 2007, Coral Springs was also the first state or local government to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award! With impressive statistics like these, it takes an impressive Coral Springs moving company to satisfy the demand in Coral Springs; that’s where Superior Moving and Storage shines brightest! Is it any wonder that Superior Moving and Storage, with their impeccable 20 year reputation in Coral Springs, is the most trusted among Coral Springs Movers!

Extensive redevelopment is underway in the city’s downtown area with the addition of the open-air shopping and entertainment complex “The Walk;” a sparkling gem and frequent destination enjoyable for both the young and young at heart. Another new addition is, “One Charter Place” which upon completion will add 1000 residential units, a new hotel, additional retail space along with a revitalized government center.

A wonderful place to raise a family, the Coral Springs Park and Recreation Department operates over 50 municipal parks including a fabulous water park and skating facility. Encompassing over 675 acres, Coral Springs proudly upholds their reputation for putting quality of life first for their residents, keeping Superior Moving and Storage, the premier Coral Springs moving company, one very busy moving expert!

The Coral Springs Center for the Arts opened in 1990 featuring a 1,471 seat theatre which features popular shows and a Broadway series. In addition to fine exhibits throughout the year, the 8,000 square foot Coral Springs Museum of Art also offers art classes and educational programs for the community. Coral Springs also plays hosts to a highly-acclaimed public library where adults and children gather to enjoy the written word and partake in an extensive array of learning opportunities.

Coral Springs moving companies have a constant flow of happy new residents moving into Coral Springs, as well as long-term residents moving within the city limits. Superior Moving and Storage is proud to be fully licensed, bonded and insured, offering genuinely reliable, honest and affordable Coral Springs moving and storage services to each and every valued Coral Springs moving customer!